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Why Am I Here (On Earth)? An Introduction

It’s a good question; one that you’ve probably asked at some point – why am I here (on earth)? Perhaps in some cases that question has gnawed at the heels of your mind like a dog that relentlessly pursues biting the bottom of your pant leg and you’ve been just as relentless in shaking it off. Or perhaps you’ve settled on an answer but have not scrutinized your position. You say, “I am here on earth to fulfill my purpose” – but you don’t know who defines what that purpose is, and you don’t know how the definer defines that purpose. So you step up to the plate and define your purpose and you come to find that it’s as fickle as the fads you embrace, not really grounded in absolutes but driven by what you makes you happy. So in the final analysis, after some scrutiny, you come to find that you’re actually a hedonist. Who knew? 

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Jeremiah’s Questions (Jeremiah 12:1-4)

‘I argue with God. I let Him have a piece of my mind. That’s the kind of relationship I have with Him.’ Perhaps you’ve heard someone say that kind of thing before. They let you in on their propensity to dispute with God as a little bit of prayer-instruction as though bringing your cranky self before the Lord is a badge of being real. Yet, they may fail to see the potential pitfalls of that approach. Yes, God’s great patience is broad enough to deal with the mood swings of His children but as our Most High, thrice holy, Lord of heaven and earth, Father, He still warrants ever-present reverence (cf. Mal. 1:6). That doesn’t mean He is unapproachable. And that doesn’t mean that His saints cannot cast their questions along with their cares at His feet. It simply means that when we do we ought to take a cue from the prophet Jeremiah.

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