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Does Galatians 3:28 Alleviate Gender Distinctions?

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Gal. 3:28)


Sadly many have taken the verse above as a warrant to alleviate gender distinctions between men and women in both the home and in the church. Those who do so are usually called egalitarians. Those egalitarians of an evangelical bent propose that gender distinctions in the home and in the church are erased in light of the New Covenant. On the other hand, there are complementarians. They argue that while men and women both have equal dignity in personhood, they nonetheless have distinctive callings, responsibilities and limitations in light of their gender. With all due respect to those who hold an egalitarian view, it is clearly not the view espoused by the Scriptures, nor is it the view of Galatians 3:28.

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The Tragedy of Procrastination (Acts 24:25)

There are times in Scripture where we receive unique insight into the tragedy of procrastination. There’s the parable of the ten virgins (Mt. 25:1-13), five of whom prepared for the bridegroom’s arrival, and five that did not, but procrastinated, and were shut out of the wedding. In Luke 9:57-62 we see instances where people called to follow Christ offer “but first” excuses. We don’t know what they decided to do after Jesus addressed their attempts to procrastinate but if they did put off following Him we understand what a foolish and dangerous decision that was. That’s the kind of procrastination that is the most tragic of all. Although procrastination in any form of life can be problematic, i.e. letting the sun go down on your wrath because you didn’t address it sooner (Eph. 4:26-27), this kind of procrastination is the pinnacle of folly.

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The Lord’s Look (Lk. 22:61a)

And the Lord turned and looked at Peter. (Lk. 22:61a)

This observation is unique to Luke’s account. From a reader’s perspective it takes us by surprise. We knew Peter followed Jesus from a distance (vs.54) but we were unaware of the possibility of each being in each other’s line of sight. Perhaps Jesus was in transit in between trials. Whatever the case was, the providence of God, and the control of Christ, is at this point noticeably incredible. At the rooster’s crowing, “the Lord turned and looked at Peter.” Despite being like a lamb before His shearers, the Good Shepherd still had His eyes on His sheep.

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Early Detection, A Key To Prevention

As I write this, my family and I are in a season of visiting many doctors for many reasons, the most notable of which concerns my dad, who is currently [at the time of this writing] battling stage four stomach cancer. While dad’s faith has been strong throughout the ups and downs of this process, and while there is much to learn and be encouraged by as one watches his prerogative of worship, submission, hopefulness, and trust, he is not without practical advice to give. I can remember being with him in the hospital shortly after his diagnosis and listening to him tell another brother-in-Christ that one of the takeaways that he has to pass on to others is simply this – be diligent with getting your check-ups. Just about any sphere of medical practice will agree with the statement – early detection is key. If you catch something in its initial stages you’re in a much better position to avoid a bigger problem later on. It can be like that spiritually-speaking as well.

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Is Once Saved Always Saved Biblical?

A common question often asked among Christians is, “Do believe that once a person is saved they are always saved?” The question is in essence asking, “Is the state of being justified before God something that a person can have and then lose?” We’ll unpack the answer in the paragraphs that follow but, for an immediate response, and to help frame the discussion, let me say that from God’s perspective salvation is a concrete plan from all of eternity and executed in time; while, from man’s perspective, it can look as though a person once ‘had saving faith’ and then ‘lost saving faith.’

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