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Don’t Go Down Envy’s Path

Some years back, as our church was studying through the Book of 1 Samuel, we saw the beginning of Saul being gripped by the sin of envy and oh what an ugly picture it was! Envy quickly led Saul down a path of incredible evil. In 1 Samuel 18 we only see the beginning of that slippery slope but even there the malignant poison of jealousy led him to take his spear into his hand and hurl it at David (twice!) even while David’s hands were ministering to him on the harp.

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The Destructive Nature of Vengeance (Judges 15-16)

If someone were to ask me, “What is the most vivid biblical illustration of the destructive nature of revenge that you can think of?” I think my answer would be, ‘The narrative of Samson and the Philistines.’ For the most part, the entire narrative has these two parties going back and forth at one another until it leads to both Samson and thousands of Philistines being killed.

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