Here’s a book title that you wouldn’t imagine being a best-seller – The Secret to Becoming Unprofitable. Although fallen man often exhibits a gnostic-like bent towards acquiring some kind of ‘secret’ knowledge that would put him or her ‘in the know,’ the aforementioned secret isn’t exactly one that people would be running to find out. If the title was The Secret to Becoming Profitable, well, that’s much more marketable. But when you think about it, isn’t it important for a person to know what exactly makes someone unprofitable, at least in the eyes of their creator? Wouldn’t knowing the answer to the former point us in the proper direction of the latter? From eternity’s vantage point, knowing how a person becomes unprofitable is invaluable. After all, in seeing mentalities and behaviors that are to be averted, we can also identify a mindset that we must embrace and a path that is to be pursued. Both sides of that coin are illustrated in the opening eleven verses of Jeremiah thirteen.

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