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The Lord’s Supper: A Table of Remembrance

The Importance of Remembrance

 Why are wedding anniversaries important? Well, although I cannot appeal to a chapter-and-verse of Scripture to set that record straight once and for all I can provide an opinion that I think most would agree with, one that goes beyond simply saying – so we don’t forget when it happened. I would commend the celebrating of wedding anniversaries as a way to remember, not simply an occasion, but the affections you felt on that occasion. That kind of remembering has a way of rekindling – it helps you feel fresh affections as you recall old ones through current lenses.

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Lessons from the Life of Boaz

It bears saying at the outset, this teaching will not exhaust what can be learned from looking at the life of Boaz. There are many ways in which this man exemplified true manhood. Granted, he was an imperfect man, but he did follow the perfect God; and upon being introduced to him in the second chapter of the Book of Ruth, there are many things that men, young and old, could learn about being a man from Boaz. Here are just some:

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A High But Hard Calling (Jeremiah 16:1-4)

Some years back I saw a movie about the prophet Jeremiah. Although I can’t remember it all too well, I do recall having a couple of reactions. One was – I was very glad to see a movie about a book of the Bible that I was less familiar with than others. I had read through the Book of Jeremiah but many of the incidents recorded therein weren’t as easily citable for me as, say, quotations from Paul’s epistle to the Romans. Thus, to see so many portions of the fifty-two-chapter book of Jeremiah in an hour and half movie was something I really enjoyed. The second reaction I can recall was – I remember saying to (and with) those who were with me, ‘Wait a minute… I don’t remember Jeremiah having a girlfriend…’ As is fairly common knowledge, Biblical movies sometimes take ‘artistic license’ to fill in details where the Scriptures are silent. Well, in this case, the prophet who is not said to have had a romantic interest had a girlfriend that he had to leave behind because of the call of God. Which is a good reminder – always compare movies about the Bible to the Bible so as to make sure you don’t end up thinking that something is Biblical when it is not. Now even though Jeremiah is not said to have had a particular romantic interest, what is clear is that he was prohibited from that very thing. Chapter sixteen opens with the words,

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