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To Fade or To Flourish (Jeremiah 17:5-8)

When reading through the seventeenth chapter of Jeremiah you can feel like you’ve unknowingly started to read the opening chapter of the psalter. There we also read of the blessed man whose leaf will be green because it does not wither. God apparently did not relegate that imagery to one book of the Bible; rather, He developed it further, as we see here in Jeremiah. by contrasting the blessed man with the cursed man.

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Where Even Moses and Samuel Couldn’t Prevail (Jeremiah 15:1-2)

“Even if you gave me a million dollars I still wouldn’t [fill in the blank]” – that’s an expression that people use to stress how definite their “no” is. It might be surprising to learn that God had an expression of His own to stress how definite the coming judgment on Judah was. To be sure, there’s more to this statement than simply an affirmation of the unrelenting nature of God’s promised wrath on the southern kingdom, but before we see what’s implicit lets understand what’s explicit.

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