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Be Served by Jesus; Serve Others in Jesus’ Name

Jesus told His disciples “I am among you as One who serves” (Lk 22:27).

His public ministry was just that, about three years of public service, three years of preaching and teaching, three years of healing and doing good; and His ultimate act of service was the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, when He bore the wrath of God on our behalf on the cross. That is part of the uniqueness of the Christian Gospel: God has done the most glorious act of service imaginable! He paid the debt and secured salvation for all who would believe! The message is not: ‘Serve God and perhaps He will be pleased enough to let you into Heaven’, it is rather: “Believe that you cannot give God the service He deserves; believe that you have failed to give God the service He deserves; and receive the service of the Son who gave His life as a ransom for many as your only hope of salvation.”

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Embracing Rest (Mark 6:31)

The narrative of Jesus feeding the multitude begins with the apostles returning from going throughout the towns of Galilee (Lk. 9:6). Luke tells us that when they had returned they told the Lord about all that they had done. They had cast out demons and healed people. They had preached the good news of the kingdom to the lost sheep of Israel. And though we don’t have any further details of their ministry at that time, we could assume they were probably excited.

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The Man Who Poisoned the Pipeline (Jeremiah 22:24-30)

Why should the words of the LORD spoken about the second-to-last king in Judah cause you to quickly gasp? Hint: his wickedness warranted a divine curse that poisoned a genealogical pipeline; and, if not properly  understood, that fact could really cause consternation for those trying to celebrate the incarnation. As you read on you’ll see why God’s words concerning him could cause great concern for us. First, however, let’s create some context…

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A Bit of Biography (Jeremiah 11:18-23)

Ever been surprised by a bit of news? Perhaps when you were in grammar school you can recall a time when you found out that people you thought liked you actually didn’t. That probably was not the first ‘for instance’ that came to your mind but if you’ve ever had that happen on any level you can sympathize with the much-more-severe-news that came across Jeremiah’s mental-desk. Granted, he knew full-well right from the beginning of his ministry that being God’s prophet wouldn’t make him many friends (Jer. 1:17); but he was nonetheless surprised that he ended up on people’s ‘hit lists.’ And this is news he wouldn’t have had unless God had provided it to him. He said: “Now the Lord gave me knowledge of it, and I know it; for You showed me their doings” (vs.18). So at this point we are not told what the Lord gave him knowledge of or what the Lord showed him, only that the Lord was the gracious revealer that Jeremiah was in dire need of without knowing it. We find out the dire-aspect of Jeremiah’s state in the following verse:

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