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Avoid These “So-Called” Christian Sayings (Volume III)

That Worship is Horrible”. Perhaps you’ve heard this one before. Someone participates in a worship service and sometime after corporate worship is ended they say, “Church was good but that worship was horrible.” Usually what that person means is something akin to saying – “it didn’t seem like true, or passionate, or Spirit-led worship was happening during the singing portion of the service.” It’s also possible that person may simply be used to singing for something like 45 minutes and deem all singing periods shorter than that, without extended interludes between some songs, as ‘not Spirit-led’.

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Avoid These “So-Called” Christian Sayings (Volume II)

That’s a dead church’. This expression can also take on similar forms, such as: “That church is dead” or “The Holy Spirit is not in that church”. Granted, there are churches that fit the description of Sardis (Rev 3:1), but all too often this expression is not found on the lips of someone who is saying that a church has forsaken the true Gospel and the preaching of Scripture; rather, it’s often simply someone’s way of saying that, by their standards, ‘the people are just too quiet’, ‘no one raises their hands when they sing’ or ‘they only spend 15 to 20 minutes singing songs’.

So… they’re dead?

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Avoid These “So-Called” Christian Sayings (Volume I)

Now, by way of disclaimer, let me say that there are situations where the sayings may apply. The purpose of this exhortation, however, is to address the times in which people often apply these sayings in places where they should not.

He’s not anointed” – This saying may also take the form of the following expression, ‘He doesn’t have the anointing.’ The idea being – the person who is speaking or singing or preaching doesn’t have, according to the person making the statement, the power of the Holy Spirit working through them. This saying is incredibly problematic because it is almost always slung from one Christian at another, and, according to the New Testament every Christian is anointed.

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