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RESOURCE FRIDAY: New Creation Resolutions

Are New Year’s Resolutions biblical? You may be thinking, ‘Wait a minute, isn’t this something that should have been sent out on December 31st or January 1st?’ Well, let’s just say that not only does the Bible answer the original question but the answer is not relegated to January 1st. Paul’s example in 2nd Thessalonians 1:11-12 is instructive, edifying, and I’d even say – inspiring. As relevant on January 13th as January 1st.

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RESOURCE FRIDAY: Why Did God Allow Sin to Exist?

Unlike our Monday through Thursday e-mails, which are relatively short posts, on Fridays we want to provide you with resources alongside a much extended post (sermon link and fully-detailed notes) on either important theological topics or passages of Scripture. Today’s teaching addresses a question that Christians ought to have a sound, biblical answer for; not only for others but for themselves as well – Why Did God Allow Sin to Exist? We hope this resource will edify you and, of course, further kindle the flames of your affection for the one who bore the curse of sin in the stead of all who would believe on Him for the forgiveness of sins.

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